The Future of Writing Technology!

Pencils manufactured using our plastic extrusion technology are unique and have several advantages over traditional ways.

The core has a total, complete and perfect bond with the casing throughout the product. This can be seen when you sharpen the pencil with a blade sharpener; the shaving is one complete unit. Also, the core is perfectly centered in the casing. No more broken or off-centered leads when sharpening.

Similarly , the casing remains dimensionally stable, always perfectly round for ease of use in subsequent foil or heat transfer applications. This makes them ideal for many different decorating techniques.

Our pencils can flex when stressed, allowing them to conform to each individual's natural writing preferences. Also, when you break one into 2 pieces, our product snaps cleanly. No dangerous jagged or splintered edges which could accidentally wound a child.

This technology also allows us to produce cosmetic tubes and stick pens in various designs that will enhance your products.

We are extremely receptive to new ideas and our research and development department will offer assistance in the development of your new products.

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